Rider Queries - Management

The rider query form is found on both the Rider Management and Ride Reports screen. The form is used to control the riders that appear on the screen or in a report respectively. Here's how it works for rider management....

There are four elements in the form:

  1. Rider Class - If your ride has one or more rider classes, each class appears in the list. The list will always contain the "All" item. Selecting "All" is the quick and easy way to select all rider classes. You can limit your query to a particular class by selecting it from the list. Or you may choose multiple classes by pressing the CTRL key and using the mouse to select each class.
  2. Rider Status - Similar to the Rider Class listbox, but controls the rider statuses you want to include in the report. You can select more than one status by pressing the CTRL key and using the mouse to select each status.
  3. Paid In Full - A series of four mutually exclusive radio buttons. Use these to control the PIF of the riders you want in the report. There are four options... "Yes" will include only riders who are PIF. Selecting "No" will include only riders who are not PIF. Selecting "Refund" will include only riders who are entitled to a refund. Selecting "Doesn't Matter" will include all riders regardless of their PIF.
  4. Name - Use this field if you want to search for a specific rider. Enter any part of the rider's first name, last name or nickname and the system will search these fields for the entered text. Don't enter the full name! If you enter "Jason Jonas" in the field, the system searches the first name then the last and then the nickname for "*Jason Jonas*". Instead, just enter "Jason".

All four elements work together to target a specific set of riders. For rides with a large number of riders, it's imperative you use the query properly and to your advantage to limit the amount of data passed back to your browser. Now it doesn't matter that much in this day and age of big pipes and all, but the advantages are clear.

When you're finished filling out the rider query, click the Search button to query the system for the riders in question.

For instance, let's assume you want to know all riders who aren't paid in full. Choose "All" for both rider class and rider status. Choose "No" for Paid In Full status. Clear the Name field and click the Search button. All returned riders will ones who aren't Paid in Full. One caveat, you may want to exclude riders who've dropped out of the ride by using the Rider Status list box to select the statuses you're interested in.