Rider List

A rider list is maintained for all rides. The ride sponsor can choose to keep the rider list private. To view the rider list, click on the Rider List link in the Actions column. The top of the page details the number of riders/passengers and the bikes they're riding.

If the ride has multiple rider classes, the rider list will not display all riders, but rather it will allow you to choose the class of riders to view. To view the riders in a particular class, choose the class from the Rider Classes list box and click the Go button.

Information displayed for each rider includes their name, passenger information, the bike they're riding as well as a picture. Riders must submit their picture to the ride sponsor who is responsible for sizing and hosting the picture. More information on submitting a photo can be found here.

In addition to the information above, each rider has a Contact Rider link which may be used to initiate contact with the rider without revealing the rider's email or any other personal information other than what's noted above. More information on contacting riders can be found in the next section - Contacting Riders.