Rider List Photo

All rides have a rider list. However, some ride sponsors may choose to keep the rider list private. For public rider lists, riders are encouraged to send a photo to the ride sponsor for inclusion on the rider list. To update a rider's picture:

  1. Ensure the rider's picture is properly sized - 250x250 maximum.
  2. Host the picture on your ride's website and note the URL.
  3. Login to Ride Master.
  4. Click your name in the upper right corner of the screen to access the menu.
  5. Choose My Rides from the menu.
  6. Find your ride, click its name and choose Riders from the menu.
  7. Find the rider's profile by searching by name or status or...
  8. In the rider's profile, click the rider's name to access the personal information screen.
  9. Update the rider's picture url field.
  10. Click the Update button.