Registration Requests

The registration process has two parts:

  1. submitting a registration request; and
  2. completing the registration process.

Why a registration request? Because the primary method of communication between the rider, ride sponsor and Ride Master is via email. A valid email address and properly configured spam filter are vital to effective communication. To submit a registration request:

  1. click the Register link for the ride;
  2. on the next page enter your email address where prompted; and
  3. click the Request button.

Ride Master will send you an email. Ensure your spam filter allows email from the domain. In the email is a link that, when clicked, begins the second part of the registration process. The link is only valid for the email address that was entered and, once registered, will not allow you or anyone else to register using that email address.

The remaining sections detail the second part of the registration process that begins once the link is clicked.