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2018 - Wyman Memorial Challenge, 'Rendezvous'

San Francisco to New York City. Rendezvous near San Francisco, Sunday May 27. Select either the IBA certificate event; George A. Wyman Memorial Challenge Grand Tour or 50cc Gold. Grand Tour riders 'Rendezvous' along the way!
2018-05-27 Register Riders

2018 .Missouri - Lake of the Ozarks

April 25-29, 2018 The MTF goes to Missouri again - Friends, Food, Roads, Scenery
2018-04-16 Register Riders

2018 GLMC Buffalo Run Road Rally

A 12 Hour Road Rally on Sunday of Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 2, 2018). This year's rally will start and end in North Branch, Minnesota.
2018-08-31 Register Riders

2018 GLMC Grand Tour - Most GLMC'est Grand Tour

Ride all summer ride taking photo's of 'est places. The tour officially starts in March this year, but signup will be accepted though September 2018. All finishers will receive a t-shirt and entry into drawings. Top finishers will receive prizes.
2018-09-30 Register Riders

2018 Grand Tour of Georgia

The Grand Tour of Georgia is an annual motorcycling event hosted by TeamStrange Airheads
2018-10-14 Register Riders

2018 Heart of Texas Rally -May 2-5, 2018 (3 day or 12 hr)

3 day(ish) and 12 hour motorcycle scavenger hunt; $230 for 3 day, $115 for 12 hour (add $70 for 2-up). 3 day version starts morning of May 2 near Brady, TX and ends the afternoon of May 5 in Bryan, TX. The 12 hr starts and ends in Bryan, TX on May 5.
2018-04-11 Register Riders

2018 Mileage Mania

A simple mileage challenge. 100% of funds go to Freedom Service Dogs.
2018-10-01 Register Riders

2018 Minnesota 1000

24-hour rally starting and ending in Lakeville, MN the weekend of June 8-9-10, 2018
2018-05-29 Register Riders

2018 Moonshine Curt Gran Memorial Saddlesore 1000

2018 Moonshine Lunch Run - 13th Annual Curt Gran Memorial SS1K ending at Casey, IL
2018-04-05 Register Riders

2018 Motorcycle Tourer's Forum Missouri Rough Road Ride.

Three days of riding on the back roads of Missouri. The ride will be a combination of dirt and paved roads. Licensed dual purpose bikes are the preferred choice of transport.
2018-04-22 Register Riders

2018 MTF Arizona RRR

Join us OCT 10-12 for three days of rough/dirt road riding near Payson, AZ
2018-10-08 Register Riders

2018- GLMC Bonzai Rally

The Glacial Lakes Motorcycle Club will be hosting our 18th Annual Bonzai Rally out of La Crosse, WI. This years Bonzai Rally will be a 10- Hour Scavenger Hunt in south western WI and around the Mississippi River.
2018-05-11 Register Riders

4th Annual Celina Ride-to-Eat

Free ride to eat event in Celina, TX; Lucy's on the Square 10a-1p
2018-04-07 Register Riders

Downeast Maine

The MTF goes to Ellsworth Maine for Flower Sniffin'
2018-07-15 Register Riders

Hoagy's Double Sixes Rally - Six Lakes, Six States

An endurance rally with Hoagy's Heroes
2018-06-04 Register Riders

Lobo Loco Don't Burn Your Bridges Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, August 25th. This is a 12 hour scavenger hunt rally starting/ending in Woodstock, ON (Canada)
2018-08-12 Register Riders

Lobo Loco It's Raining Cats N Dogs Rally

Saturday, June 16th. 8 Hour Scavenger Hunt Rally starting in Oakville, ON and ending near Guelph, ON (Canada)
2018-06-03 Register Riders

Lobo Loco Nostalgia Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, July 28th. This is a 10 hour scavenger hunt rally starting in Hamilton, ON and ending in Oakville, ON with a retro 1950's theme.
2018-07-15 Register Riders

Lobo Loco Paint the Town Red Grand Tour

A season long (April 1 to Oct. 31) themed Scavenger Hunt involving getting photos of your motorcycle and rally flag in front of Historic Town Murals throughout Ontario, Canada... with a few twists and monthly wildcards to keep everyone on their toes.
2018-07-01 Register Riders

Mason Dixon 20-20

Directionally Challenged
2018-04-15 Register Riders

Maxwell Q. Klinger Special 500

Charity ride for Hoagy's Heroes, Inc.
2018-08-04 Register Riders

Mufflerman 1000 Saddlesore

This is a special saddlesore put on by Hammy's Experimental Rallies with a unique certificate design.
2020-12-31 Register Riders

Space Colony Alpha One

An experimental cooperative rally that you start from and finish anywhere between Saturday May 5, 2018 and Sunday May 6, 2018.
2018-05-04 Register Riders

Storytime 1000

Themed saddlesore with a specialty certificate. Open all year round (no longer just ending 2017)
2020-01-07 Register Riders

The Melting Pot Grand Tour

Find foreign countries within the USA & Canada
2018-10-01 Register Riders

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2017 Annual IBA Big As Texas Party

An annual event held in Dallas, Texas
2017-10-01 Riders

2017 GLMC Grand Tour - The Americana Extreme Tour

The sequel to the all summer ride getting pictures of cool places picked by you and the Rallymaster. All finishers will receive a t-shirt and entry into drawings. Top finishers will receive prizes.
2017-09-30 Riders

2017 GLMC Harvest Road Rally

A 12 Hour Road Rally on September 30th, 2017
2017-09-30 Riders

2017 Grand Tour of Georgia

The Grand Tour of Georgia is an annual motorcycling event hosted by TeamStrange Airheads
2017-10-15 Riders

2017 IBA Memorial Ride

An annual event
2017-10-07 Riders

2017 Mileage Mania

A simple mileage challenge
2017-10-01 Riders

2017 MTF Founders Feast plus Flower Sniffing and Rough Road Ride

Founder's Feast at the Ironhorse Lodge on OCT 7, Flower Sniffing Ride and Rough Road Ride OCT 4-6 in the Smoky Mountains.
2017-10-02 Riders

2018 Rock-n-Ride Digital Scavenger Hunt

Shake off the winter blues and join us for a 33 hour Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt April 20-21, 2018 finishing at KenLake State Resort Park in western KY. Twist, Shout, Rock and Roll your way through the country. This year will feature a start anywhere form
2018-03-01 Riders

Butt Lite IX

Now if 6 turned out to be 9, I don't mind, I don't mind,
2018-01-31 Riders

CER 2018 - New Things to Find

This is a one day treasure hunt on 2 wheels through the scenic Western Cape
2018-03-16 Riders

Goat on a Float - Local and Online versions available.

10-hour rally with water as the theme. Local version riders finish in New Holland, PA; Online version riders finish anywhere.
2017-09-29 Riders

IBA Australia Muster Dalby 2018

IBA Australia annual Muster
2018-03-01 Riders

LD Rally Clinic (FREE) Saturday September 30, 2017 - Bedford, TX

A free rally clinic for new(or old) riders to the sport. Our team will teach you everything they know (which won't take long) about rallying, and then send you out on a 4 hour rally to practice what you learned (or didn't learn). Oh, and lunch.
2017-09-30 Riders

Lobo Loco 4 - Halloween Horror Rally

Friday, Oct. 13th to Sunday, Oct. 15th, 2017 - 36 Hour Scavenger Hunt
2017-10-01 Riders

Love & Merci Grand Tour

Find Merci Train Boxcars & Love in this self-paced, nationwide GT
2017-10-01 Riders


IBA SS1600k ride on a pre-planned route that will take the rider to Puerto Peñasco to Ensenada to Mexicali to Santana to Puerto Peñasco in less than 24 hours. Ride is Nov 10 during the Rocky Point Rally
2017-11-01 Riders

The Florida Long Riders Digital Scavenger Hunt

PICTURE PERFECT 10-hour Mini Endurance Rally. A fun but challenging event for newbies and veterans alike.
2017-10-15 Riders