Privacy Policy

I developed this system with the intent of making it available to the general riding public free of charge for no other reason than I'm a rider and desire to give back to a sport that has, in an extremely short period of time, given me more than I'll ever be able to repay. I have absolutely no intention of selling any personal information or adding any kind of advertising to this application. Your privacy is guaranteed by the only thing I'm able to offer - my word. This system and all data resides on the same system that runs my personal website,, the Motorcycle Tourer's Forum Tourer's Assistant as well as Miles Tracker.

Having said all that, various subsystems display rider information. The only public screen where a subset of rider information is displayed is the rider list. Ride sponsors can choose to keep the rider list private, but if it's public, the subset of information displayed includes each rider's name, state and, if one exists, the passenger name and relationship. The system allows the general public to contact riders, but contact is made without displaying or revealing the rider's email address or any personal information other than what's stated above. Riders should note, however, that their email address will be revealed to the sender should they reply to the contact request. All contact requests are monitored by your's truly to ensure the functionality isn't being abused. Additionally, your ride sponsor can display a picture of you and your bike on the rider list, but that's left to you and the ride sponsor.

The ride management screens are not available to the general public and display all rider information. Only the ride sponsor and any person(s) to whom they grant access, will see this data. Access to rides is granted on a per-ride basis. This prevents sponsors from having administrative access to any other rides, but their own. Your ride sponsor is accountable for securing your information. You should address any concerns in this area with the ride sponsor specifically. You know where I stand on the matter. If you don't or if you have concerns about what your ride sponsor is doing with your data, please contact me.