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2023 Alvin Bertram Memorial Mural Grand Tour

The 2023 GLMC Grand Tour in honor of Alvin Bertram
2023-09-30 Register Riders

2023 Defective Gene Pool Ride to Eat

The 12th Annual Defective Gene Pool RTE will be held at Big Ray's BBQ in Allen, TX February 18, 2023. A pre-party will be held at Two Rows restaurant on Friday night next to the host hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn, Allen.
2023-02-17 Register Riders

2023 Heart of Texas Rally : April 25-29, 2023

96 hour ($375) & 48 hour ($275) Rally starting and ending in College Station, TX
2023-03-26 Register Riders

2023 RTE Northwest TN, Saturday Apl 1, See the Eagles Boat Tour

Eat at Boyette's, Catfish family style and Eagle Pontoon Boat Tours
2023-03-28 Register Riders

HamPower 1500

Hardcore HamPower 1500 Silver; Maximum HamPower 1500 Gold; these are themed Bun Burners, extra challenging, not for first-timers
2025-12-31 Register Riders

Motovorian 1000

Have Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at 3 iconic eateries during a Saddlesore
2023-12-31 Register Riders

MS1000 Saddlesore

Ride for a Reason. Saddlesore ride supporting Paul's mission to raise awareness and funds for people living with Multiple Sclerosis. Special IBA certificate. A Donation to the MS Charity is required.
2025-10-01 Register Riders

Muffler Man 1000 SaddleSore

This is a special saddlesore put on by Hammy's Experimental Rallies with a unique certificate design.
2022-12-31 Register Riders

Naracoorte SA Muster 2023

Annual IBA Australia Muster
2023-02-10 Register Riders

Navigation and routing seminar

An all day course on getting the most out of technology for planning, executing and sharing rides. Lunch is included.
2023-01-12 Register Riders

Ride of Remembrance

Honor your loved ones who have gone ahead by choosing one of 4 possible rides.
2025-12-31 Register Riders

Underdog II

6 days start/end in Northern Alabama with a chechpoint in the NE.
2023-04-01 Register Riders

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2023 Destination Hyder!

Join the Flower Sniffers' 4 Day Journey From Great Falls, Montana to Beautiful Hyder, Alaska!!
2023-02-01 2023-05-22

2023 MTF Live Free or Die!

Join the MTF as we Flower Sniff the White Mountains of New Hampshire!!
2023-01-01 2023-07-14


Name Closed

2022 GLMC Grand Tour - Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

Ride all summer taking photos of Planes, Trains & Automobiles. The tour officially starts in March 2022, but signup will be accepted though September 2022. Finishers receive a t-shirt and prize drawings chances. Top three finishers will receive prizes.
2022-10-01 Riders

2022 GLMC Harvest Road Rally

A 10 Hour Road Rally on Sept. 24, 2022 starting and ending at the ZZQ Smokehouse in Eagan, MN. This year's theme is Picture This!
2022-09-24 Riders

2022 Grand Tour of Georgia

The Grand Tour of Georgia is an annual motorcycling event hosted by TeamStrange Airheads
2022-10-01 Riders

2022 Grand Tour of Minnesota

Inaugural Grand Tour of Minnesota hosted by TeamStrange Airheads. Tour consists of 20 bonus locations within MN. Tour runs from 5/1 to 10/31. All locations must be visited to be a finisher.
2022-06-29 Riders

2022 MS5000

Longhaulpaul's 50 Day Challenge to Benefit Multiple Sclerosis
2022-08-31 Riders

2022 MTF Flower Sniff'n - Driftless in Wisconsin July 11 - 15

The MTF goes to La Crosse Wisconsin for Flower Sniff'n
2022-07-13 Riders

2022 MTF Flower Sniff'n Huntsville Ontario

The MTF goes to Huntsville Ontario to ride some great country roads and for our Annual Founders Feast!
2022-09-22 Riders

2022 PNW Grand Tour

A grand tour style scavenger hunt lasting 6 months with locations in the great PNW!
2022-07-31 Riders

2022 Rock-n-Ride Digital Scavenger Hunt- Final Edition

Join us for a 33 hour Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt September 16-17, 2022 finishing in Mammoth Cave National Park, KY. Twist, Shout, Rock and Roll your way through the country. This FINAL edition is a start anywhere format.
2022-08-05 Riders


10-Hour rally based from Albany, GA with an
2022-09-18 Riders

2022 TeamStrange Trails to Rails Grand Tour

Everybody loves old trains! Starting April 1
2022-11-15 Riders

3rd Annual CORTE

3rd Annual Colorado Ride To Eat. Come and break bread with your fellow LD riders. Great views to be had of the Rockies which you can then go ride. This year we are meeting 6/11/2022 at 11:00 MDT at the Wide Open Saloon in Sedalia, CO
2022-06-09 Riders

4th Annual Irving Police & Fire Blue Christmas Toy Run Rally

October 8th, 2022; Charity scavenger hunt type event open to motorcycles or other vehicles, 4 hour or 6 hour version
2022-10-08 Riders

Hoagy's Heroes Pop-Tab & Shrimp Boil 2022

This is a fund raiser for Hoagy's Heroes, Inc.
2022-09-24 Riders

Hoagy's Heroes Up in Smoke RTE 2022

This is a fund raiser for Hoagy's Heroes, Inc.
2022-08-06 Riders

HOP'S RALLY - Predator

30hr Rally all in Texas - all proceeds go to charity
2022-11-08 Riders

LDX Rally Finish Banquet Tickets : July 2, 2022 7pm Cheyenne, WY

If you did not ride the LDX Rally but want to attend the finish banquet, you can purchase tickets here. There is a limited quantity. Finish banquet is 7pm July 2, 2022 at the Red Lion Hotel and Conference Center in Cheyenne, WY.
2022-06-11 Riders

LL22-3- Just Sayin' a 4th time Remote Mini Rally

Friday, July 15 to Sunday, July 17, 2022 - This 14 Hour Scavenger Hunt Rally can be started/ended anywhere in the World, any time over the 3 day period.
2022-07-10 Riders

LL22-4- Crowns & Anchors Multi Day Rally

3 Day - DAYLIGHT ONLY event - Aug. 26 to Aug. 28 starting/ending in King City, ON
2022-08-07 Riders

LL22-5- Wine y Cheese Rally

Sat., Sept. 24 - 10 hour rally starting/ending in St. Catharines, ON.
2022-09-18 Riders

LL22-6- GodFather Movie Remote Mini Rally

Friday, Oct. 14 to Sunday Oct. 16, 2022 - This 8 Hour Scavenger Hunt Rally can be started/ended anywhere in the World, any time over the 3 day period.
2022-10-08 Riders

Mileage Mania 2022

Back to the Basics - A simple season-long mileage accumulation challenge to benefit Freedom Service Dogs of America
2022-09-01 Riders

New England Vikings NE Tour

Aug 19-21, 2022 tour thru all 6 New England states
2022-08-13 Riders

V Wall Nambucca Heads Muster 2022

IBA Australia annual Muster
2022-09-04 Riders