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2024 GLMC GT - Which Way Do We Go?

A search for cities, towns, villages, boroughs, hamlets, and townships that have compass points in the name.
2024-09-30 Register Riders

2024 Grand Tour of Georgia

The Grand Tour of Georgia is an annual motorcycling event hosted by TeamStrange Airheads
2024-10-15 Register Riders

2024 Grand Tour of Minnesota

The Grand Tour of Minnesota hosted by TeamStrange Airheads. Tour consists of 20 bonus locations within MN. Tour runs from 5/1 to 10/31. All locations must be visited to be a finisher.
2024-10-01 Register Riders

2024 Lobo Loco 3 - Fall Movie Mini Rally (Sept. 13-15)

A 12 hour event that you can Start/End ANYWHERE in the world, and choose when to start your 12 hour Rally Clock any time over the 3 days of the event.
2024-09-08 Register Riders

2024 Missouri Rally (9/27-9/28)

36 hour rally finishing in Springfield MO
2024-09-02 Register Riders

2024 New Life Riders Photo Scavenger Hunt - 10/5/2024

A 6 hour hybrid photo scavenger hunt/poker run charity event, beginning and ending at Central TX/H-D, Round Rock, TX. Theme is Central Texas history and oddities! A fun ride for all!
2024-09-15 Register Riders

2024 SNAFU Rally - 2 November 2024

A 10-Hour Antebellum Themed Rally with the Start & Finish in Warner Robins, Georgia
2024-10-20 Register Riders

2024 TeamStrange Grand Tours

Two Grand Tours for the price of one! Gran Turismo GT and 40th Anniversary GT. Starting April 1.
2024-11-14 Register Riders

2024 TNT Rally (8/30-8/31)

36 & 12 hour rallies in the Mid-East mountain areas, operated by NIIT WIt Inc, benefitting Hoagy's Heroes Inc
2024-08-16 Register Riders

2024 Valkyrie Moto Rally

Women only rally based in Enid, OK
2024-09-01 Register Riders

Almost Heaven, West Virginia!

Join the MTF as we Flower Sniff the Elkins West Virginia
2024-10-30 Register Riders

Blinman Hotel - 2024

A far ride to the beautiful Flinders Ranges
2024-08-06 Register Riders

HamPower 1500

Hardcore HamPower 1500 Silver; Maximum HamPower 1500 Gold; these are themed Bun Burners, extra challenging, not for first-timers
2025-12-31 Register Riders

Monster Weekly

Weekly Scavenger hunt that runs from 3/18 thru 10/27. New bonus locations will be posted weekly to find. Monthly drawing for prizes, each bonus entry will get you a chance in the monthly drawings.
2024-10-27 Register Riders

MS1000 Saddlesore 2024

Ride for a Reason. Saddlesore ride supporting Paul's mission to raise awareness and funds for people living with Multiple Sclerosis. Special IBA certificate. A Donation to the MS Charity is required.
2025-10-01 Register Riders

MTF - New England Roundabout Ride!

Join the MTF as we Flower Sniff the beautiful area around Stowe VT.
2024-07-22 Register Riders

Premier Member Ride to Eat

Meet the Ride Verifiers
2024-08-08 Register Riders

Ride of Remembrance

Honor your loved ones who have gone ahead by choosing one of 4 possible rides.
2025-12-31 Register Riders

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2024 Defective Gene Pool Ride to Eat

The 13th Annual Defective Gene Pool Ride to Eat will be held at Big Ray's BBQ in Allen, TX on Saturday, February 17, 2024.
2024-02-17 Riders

2024 GLMC Bonzai - May 26

10-hour Rally - out of La Crosse, WI
2024-05-05 Riders

2024 Heart of Texas Rally

58 & 30 hour rally; anywhere start; finish in Irving, TX April 25-27, 2024
2024-04-05 Riders

2024 Honor Ride For Veterans (June 1 - June 30, 2024)

A 30 day rally awarding points for total miles ridden (any where, any time) and donations collected for veterans. A competitive opportunity to show support for those who have supported our freedoms. All funds raised go to Honor Flight Nevada.
2024-05-31 Riders

2024 Kactus Kilo-Larger than Life (4/19-4/21)

Kactus kilo and Rally
2024-03-31 Riders

2024 LDX Rally

9 Day Rally starting and ending in Iowa City, IA; registration fee is $989
2024-05-06 Riders

2024 Lobo Loco 1 - Redneck Mini Rally (May 10-12)

An 8 hour event that you can Start/End ANYWHERE in the world, and choose when to start your 8 hour Rally Clock any time over the 3 days of the event.
2024-05-06 Riders

2024 Lobo Loco 2 - Just Sayin' 6 Mini Rally (May 31 to June 2)

A 16 hour event that you can Start/End ANYWHERE in the world, and choose when to start your 16 hour Rally Clock any time over the 3 days of the event.
2024-05-28 Riders

2024 RTE Northwest TN, See the Eagles, Boyette's Eat Catfish!

Hi all, My suggestion for the winter doldrums is to put this SPRING RTE on your calendar and you'll be part of the magic of wishing for better riding conditions in the new season, promise! Ride Safe everyone and see you in Northwest Tennessee, Tiptonvill
2024-03-29 Riders

2024 Wyman Memorial Challenge

Wyman Memorial Challenge IBA Certification
2024-06-30 Riders

CORTE 2024

Lunch RTE in the beautiful Rockies
2024-05-31 Riders

CORTE 2024 - The Rally

A 30 hour start anywhere scavenger hunt style rally ending at the sister event, CORTE 2024
2024-05-17 Riders

Echuca Muster Vic 2024

Annual IBA Australia Muster
2024-02-10 Riders

Hoagy's Heroes Going For Gold

IBA Ride around Kentucky June 15th 2024. See website or Facebook event Going for Gold for details.
2024-06-15 Riders

Moulamein 2024

Come on back to Moulamein in Western NSW
2024-03-20 Riders

MTF - Go Wild In Pennsylvania!

Join the MTF as we Flower Sniff the Wilds of Pennsylvania from Williamsport PA
2024-05-20 Riders

Rally Clinic hosted by LDX /Heart of Tx Rally(Frisco, TX 4-6-24)

Annual rally clinic by LDX/HoT RM; open for beginners but anyone is welcome; 7a-4p Sat April 6, 2024 Frisco, TX (free) LIMITED SPACE
2024-04-01 Riders

TeamStrange North Star Rally

A single day scavenger hunt style rally. June 7-9 2024 start and finish in Lakeville Minnesota
2024-05-15 Riders

Western Tour of Honor Stampede

A Ride-to-Eat/Ride-to-Ride social gathering of Tour of Honor riders and various other LDRider communities.
2024-07-10 Riders