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2020 Heart of Texas Rally : Rawhide

4 day or 30 hour LD Rally starting and ending in College Station, TX ; No-draw entry for 2021 IBR for 4-day winner
2020-03-01 Register Riders

2020 Rock-n-Ride Digital Scavenger Hunt

Shake off the winter blues and join us for a 33 hour Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt April 17-18 finishing in Bowling Green, KY. Twist, Shout, Rock and Roll your way through the country. This year will feature a start anywhere format.
2020-03-15 Register Riders

2020 Wyman Memorial Challenge, 'Rendezvous'

San Francisco to New York City: Grand Tour or 50cc GOLD, May 23-30. $99 Covers start/finish meals, IBA express certification, and generous Wyman swag including the new Wyman Memorial Challenge Coin!
2020-05-23 Register Riders

6th Annual Celina Ride to Eat

6th Annual Celina RTE at Lucy's on the Square in Celina, TX
2020-04-03 Register Riders

Blaze of Glory

The Cognoscente Group's 2020 Desert Mayhem Event
2020-03-30 Register Riders

Longhaulpaul's MS 1000 Saddlesore

Ride for a Reason. Saddlesore ride supporting Paul's mission to raise awareness and funds for MS. Special IBA certificate with chances to win prizes. A Donation to the MS Charity is required.
2029-01-01 Register Riders

Mid-Atlantic Gourmet Saddlesore

This is a special saddlesore by Hammy's Experimental Rallies with a unique certificate design.
2020-12-31 Register Riders

Muffler Man 1000 SaddleSore

This is a special saddlesore put on by Hammy's Experimental Rallies with a unique certificate design.
2020-12-31 Register Riders

Naracoorte SA Muster 2020

IBA Australia annual Muster
2020-02-04 Register Riders

North by Northwest 33-hour Rally

A brand-new rally on the west coast! This event promises to take you down some of the most scenic roads the west coast has to offer.
2020-06-12 Register Riders

See The Eagles RTE - 2020

Ride To Eat, Saturday April 4, 2020 in Tiptonville, TN
2020-04-03 Register Riders

Storytime 1000

Themed saddlesore with a specialty certificate. Open all year round (no longer just ending 2017)
2020-01-07 Register Riders

The Missouri Rally

A 37 hour long distance motorcycle scavenger hunt starting and ending in Missouri on June 5-6, 2020.
2020-04-30 Register Riders

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2020 MS5000 Fall Edition

Longhaulpaul's 50 Day Challenge to Benefit Multiple Sclerosis
2020-06-01 2020-08-31

2020 Southeast Digital Scavenger Hunt

10 hour & 30-ish hour Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt - Valdosta, GA - Oct 30-31, 2020
2020-06-01 2020-09-27


Name Closed

** Copy of 2019 IBA Memorial Ride

2019 IBA Memorial Ride
2019-09-28 Riders

**2019 Senior Butt Rally

The 1st running of the Senior Butt Rally - September 22-27, 2019. Two bike team competition. One rider must be a 60 year or older IBR Finisher. Limited to 25 teams of two or more. $699 per team. Rallymaster will contact you with payment details.
2019-08-31 Riders

2019 GLMC Buffalo Run

The 2019 Buffalo Rally will be a 8 hour scavenger hunt road rally through MN/WI, starting in North Branch, MN
2019-08-15 Riders

2019 GLMC Grand Tour - Hidden Gems Tour

Finding towns throughout North America with gems in their names and some hidden gem locations along the way.
2019-09-30 Riders

2019 GLMC Harvest Road Rally

A 12 Hour Road Rally on October 5, 2019 starting and ending in Hutchinson, MN. This year's theme is Small Town Pride.
2019-10-05 Riders

2019 Grand Tour of Georgia

The Grand Tour of Georgia is an annual motorcycling event hosted by TeamStrange Airheads
2019-09-01 Riders

2019 IBA Australia Memorial Rides

Memorial Rides conducted within Australia
2019-09-29 Riders

2019 IBA Memorial Ride

2019 IBA Memorial Ride
2019-09-28 Riders

2019 MS5000 Fall Edition

Longhaulpaul's 50 Day Challenge to Benefit Multiple Sclerosis
2019-09-01 Riders

2019 MTF Colorado Rocky Mountain Ride

Flower sniffin' and Rough Road Riding based out of Gunnison, CO
2019-07-25 Riders

2019 MTF Escarpment Escape Rough Road Ride

Explore the Linville Gorge and Wilson Creek Wilderness areas in the Pisgah National Forest - OCT 2 & 24.
2019-10-26 Riders

2019 NIIT WIt Rally

60, 36, and 12 hour versions
2019-10-07 Riders

2019 Southeast Digital Scavenger Hunt

10-hour Mini-Endurance Rally - Valdosta, GA - Saturday Nov 2nd
2019-10-01 Riders

2019 Team Paula Rally

A FUN 8-hour rally with proceeds going to offset Paula Behm's medical expenses.
2019-08-24 Riders

Hoagy's Heroes Insane Ride Week- July 23- 27th

Hoagy's Heroes will be offering 6 different IBA rides And a 24 HR Extreme A-Z Rally 26 stops in 24 hrs don't miss it! See website for the list of rides.
2019-07-27 Riders

LL1 - Lobo Loco Water is Life Grand Tour

This is a season long (May 1 to Oct. 31) Grand Tour scavenger hunt held entirely within Ontario.
2019-07-02 Riders

LL5 - Lobo Loco Can You See the Light?

Sat., July 27 - 12 hour rally starting/ending near Orangeville, ON with a lighthouses and scenic overlooks theme.
2019-07-24 Riders

LL6 - Lobo Loco Saints & Sinners Multi-Day Rally

3 Day - DAYLIGHT ONLY event - Aug. 23 to Aug. 25 starting/ending in Peterborough, ON
2019-08-21 Riders

LL8 - Lobo Loco Old School Rally

Sat., Sept. 14 - 10 hour rally starting/ending in Brantford, ON with old schoolhouses and historic universities as the theme.
2019-09-07 Riders

LL9 - Lobo Loco Fall Motorcycle Mini Scavenger Hunt

This is an 8 hour scavenger hunt that you can start/end ANYWHERE in the world, anytime between Friday, Oct. 18 until Sunday, Oct. 20
2019-10-15 Riders

Mid-Atlantic Getaway Rally

24-hour rally between August 10 and 11 with locations in PA, NJ, DE, MD, and VA.
2019-08-10 Riders

Mileage Mania 2019

A simple mileage challenge to benefit Freedom Service Dogs
2019-09-01 Riders

MTF Eggsanity Gold

MTF hosting Eggsanity Long Distance Ride
2019-09-15 Riders

MTF Flower Sniffin' Lancaster County PA & Annual Founders Feast

MTF Flower Sniffin' Lancaster County PA & Annual Founders Feast
2019-09-29 Riders

RTE at the Hoagy's Haven - August 3rd

Hoagys Heroes IBA Pony Express qualifier.
2019-08-03 Riders

States of Confusion Grand Tour

Three ways to lose your way across the USA
2019-10-31 Riders

Tennessee Twister

10 hour rally starting anywhere OUTSIDE of TN and ending in Crossville TN
2019-08-25 Riders

The Great North Woods 1000 - Sept. 19-21

Hoagys heroes charity SS1000 through MA,NH,VT NY.
2019-09-19 Riders

The Kancamagus 500- Sept. 21st

Hoagy Heroes 500 mile charity ride through the White Mountains of NH. Starts and ends in Fall River, MA
2019-09-21 Riders

The Void 14

3 location spider start (PA, TN, GA) & a 10-hour mini rally
2019-09-13 Riders

Tipsy Goat Rally

8-hour scavenger hunt. Local edition ends in New Holland, PA. Online edition can start and finish anywhere in the world.
2019-09-20 Riders