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2023 Alvin Bertram Memorial Mural Grand Tour

The 2023 GLMC Grand Tour in honor of Alvin Bertram
2023-09-30 Register Riders

2023 Dog Daze Rally - Yooper Two

A FUN and challenging 10-hour rally based out of Snowriver Mountain Resort in beautiful Wakefield, Michigan.
2023-08-06 Register Riders

2023 GLMC Harvest Rally - September 23

10-hour Rally - Minnesota Hotdish: Take in the fall colors and visit some of the beautiful places, spaces and friendly faces during the GLMC Annual Harvest Rally. This year’s theme will provide you with everything you’ll need for a memorable ride.
2023-09-22 Register Riders

2023 Grand Tour of Georgia

The Grand Tour of Georgia is an annual motorcycling event hosted by TeamStrange Airheads
2023-11-01 Register Riders

2023 Grand Tour of Minnesota

The Grand Tour of Minnesota hosted by TeamStrange Airheads. Tour consists of 20 bonus locations within MN. Tour runs from 5/1 to 10/31. All locations must be visited to be a finisher.
2023-10-01 Register Riders

2023 Hoagy's Heroes This-N-That (TNT) Rally (9/1-9/2)

36 and 12 hour rallies, shotgun start, end in TN
2023-08-11 Register Riders

2023 Hoagy's Heros Tennessee 1000

In state Tennessee Saddlesore 1000
2023-07-28 Register Riders

2023 Lobo Loco 3 - All the World's a Stage - July 22

Based out of Stratford, ON, Canada's theatre capitol, this 12 hour event will be a comedy for some, and tragedy for others.
2023-07-09 Register Riders

2023 Lobo Loco 4 - Rock, Paper, Scissor Rally - Aug 27

Based out of Tweed, ON, this 12 hour event will have you exploring some of the best roads Eastern Ontario has to offer.
2023-08-13 Register Riders

2023 Lobo Loco 5 - Wine y Cheese Rally - Sept 16

Based out of St. Catharines, ON during the Niagara Grape & Wine festival, this 10 hour event will have you riding through the countryside visiting dairies and wineries.
2023-09-03 Register Riders

2023 Lobo Loco 6 - Fall Movie Mini Rally - Oct 13-15

An 8 hour event that you can Start/End ANYWHERE in the world, and choose when to start your 8 hour Rally Clock any time over the 3 days of the event.
2023-10-01 Register Riders

2023 Missouri Rally-Oct 6-7

36 hour rally from Iowa to the Gulf
2023-09-11 Register Riders

2023 MTF Fall Flower Sniff'n and Founder's Feast

Join the MTF as we Flower Sniff in and around Zanesville OH!
2023-09-19 Register Riders

2023 MTF Live Free or Die!

Join the MTF as we Flower Sniff the White Mountains of New Hampshire!!
2023-07-14 Register Riders

2023 TeamStrange Wheels on Walls Grand Tour

Get out and see the art! Starting April 15
2023-11-14 Register Riders

2023 Valkyrie Moto Rally

Women only 30-hour rally
2023-09-04 Register Riders

2023 Wyman Memorial Challenge

The Wyman Memorial Challenge WMC is open for Iron Butt Association ride certification, May 16 through July 6, 2023. Including the new
2023-07-05 Register Riders

HamPower 1500

Hardcore HamPower 1500 Silver; Maximum HamPower 1500 Gold; these are themed Bun Burners, extra challenging, not for first-timers
2025-12-31 Register Riders

Hoagys Heroes Pop Tab Run and Shrimp Boil

Deliver pop tabs to Ronald McDonad House and Shrimp boil in evening
2023-09-22 Register Riders

IBA Australia - 20th Anniversary 50CC Ride

Anniversary of the first IBA 50CC ride in Australia
2023-08-24 Register Riders

Motovorian 1000

Have Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at 3 iconic eateries during a Saddlesore
2023-12-31 Register Riders

MS1000 Saddlesore

Ride for a Reason. Saddlesore ride supporting Paul's mission to raise awareness and funds for people living with Multiple Sclerosis. Special IBA certificate. A Donation to the MS Charity is required.
2025-10-01 Register Riders

Ride of Remembrance

Honor your loved ones who have gone ahead by choosing one of 4 possible rides.
2025-12-31 Register Riders

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** Copy of Naracoorte SA Muster 2023

Annual IBA Australia Muster
2023-02-10 Riders

01 - North East iRode - Alpha, QLD

A Farrode event for Alpha, Central Queensland, organised by Tackleberry
2023-05-20 Riders

2023 BMWMOCM Ride to NC: May 2-9 2023

BMW Motorcycle Owners Club of Minnesota Group Ride to NC
2023-05-01 Riders

2023 Defective Gene Pool Ride to Eat

The 12th Annual Defective Gene Pool RTE will be held at Big Ray's BBQ in Allen, TX February 18, 2023. A pre-party will be held at Two Rows restaurant on Friday night next to the host hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn, Allen.
2023-02-17 Riders

2023 Destination Hyder!

Join the Flower Sniffers' 4 Day Journey From Great Falls, Montana to Beautiful Hyder, Alaska!!
2023-05-22 Riders

2023 Kactus Kilo 4/15-4/16

Rides and rally in Kingman, Arizona
2023-04-02 Riders

2023 Lobo Loco 1 - Just Sayin' Cinco - May 5-7

An 8 hour event that you can Start/End ANYWHERE in the world, and choose when to start your 8 hour Rally Clock any time over the 3 days of the event.
2023-04-30 Riders

2023 Lobo Loco 2 - Art of War - June 9-11

A 10 hour event that you can Start/End ANYWHERE in the world, and choose when to start your 8 hour Rally Clock any time over the 3 days of the event.
2023-06-03 Riders

2023 Minnesota 1,000

A 24 hourscavenger hunt style rally start and finish in Lakeville MN. All bounses this year will be in Minnesota.
2023-05-14 Riders

2023 RTE Northwest TN, Saturday Apl 1, See the Eagles Boat Tour

Eat at Boyette's, Catfish family style and Eagle Pontoon Boat Tours
2023-03-28 Riders

2023 Underdog II- CANCELLED

6 days start/end in Northern Alabama with a chechpoint in the NE.
2023-01-28 Riders

9th Annual Celina Ride to Eat - Celina, TX

Loosely organized RTE event with lunch at Lucy's on the Square in Celina, TX at 11am. Cheap-ass prizes for distance, distance versus engine size, and for best dressed. Free - registration is just for an accurate headcount.
2023-03-31 Riders

CORTE 2023

Lunch RTE in the beautiful Rockies
2023-06-03 Riders

iRode Tassie #1

iRode Tassie 1 – Sat 18 Feb 2023 in Queenstown - Tracks Cafe, 1 Driffield Street.
2023-02-17 Riders

Moulamein (NSW) iRode Ride

A ride down the road invoking the previous Farrider philosophy; can do a 1000, 1200, 1200gold or any of the iRode registered rides as well.
2023-05-04 Riders

Muffler Man 1000 SaddleSore

This is a special saddlesore put on by Hammy's Experimental Rallies with a unique certificate design.
2022-12-31 Riders

Naracoorte SA Muster 2023

Annual IBA Australia Muster
2023-02-10 Riders

Navigation and routing seminar

An all day course on getting the most out of technology for planning, executing and sharing rides. Lunch is included.
2023-01-12 Riders

Rally Clinic - Texas April 1, 2023 7a-4p

Annual rally clinic by LDX/HoT RM open for beginners but anyone is welcome; 7a-4p with Celina RTE in the middle (free)
2023-03-27 Riders