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Sweet Susan(99RedWing) Fairfield Glade Tenn
You will have to come and 
visit. The door is open, and 
the light is on. SweetSusan
2003-11-22 02:18:09
russ dickerson(99REDWING) fairfield glade tn
You are Da Man!! FE 
GLUT...ironbutt RULZ!! I 
love that new word...auto-
magically... Giddy-YuP..
Signed:Charter Member 
Security Squad..Ride ON!!
2003-11-22 02:13:32
Dave Hinks Lemont, IL
The reports and photos are
great.  I've learned a lot
about LD riding by reading
these reports.
2003-11-22 01:41:02
Aric Philleo Los Angeles
Where do you find the time?
2003-11-22 00:31:28
Roger Bliss "Wheeldog" Wasilla, Alaska
One fine web page Jason!!! 
Enjoyed wandering around.
2003-11-21 22:48:59
Lou Canick Omaha
Good job, Jason! Lots of
interesting things to look at
and read about here...

See ya!!
2003-11-21 22:39:33
I've been wanting to start my 
website, I already have the 
space.  I like the way yours 
2003-11-21 22:22:45
Martin Hamilton Puyallup, WA
I like your site a lot Jason and 
visit now and then to re read 
someof your tales.  Particularly 
enjoy your photography.
2003-11-21 22:02:29
Tom Engle Lake Mathews California
What kind of biker site is 
this...no naked women??  LOL
2003-11-21 21:34:29
Deb/Shadow837 Tallahassee,FL
  Great site!  I enjoy 
tooling around my webpage too.
2003-11-21 21:13:38
Dan Jenkins Ketchikan, Alaska
Great site,pictures, and 
stories, always a good read.
2003-11-21 21:11:05
Ken Allison Tyler, Texas
Not first or farthest- but 
maybe closest- at least for 
a while.
2003-11-21 21:01:21
Terry Braud Gonzales, LA
Nice site.
2003-11-21 20:56:32
Breeze Grove Omaha NE
Fantastic site, but then it 
always has been.
2003-11-21 20:47:40
Bill Wight Twin Falls, Idaho
You don't have a contract 
yet, do you?  I love your web 
site though.
2003-11-21 20:37:55
Jerry (BigJer) Madison, MS
Dude, just dropping in to 
say hello.
2003-11-21 20:37:32
Todd Ryan Hudson, MA
Crap, I'm only the third 
person and I'm not the 
furthest from TX.  Lets go 
2003-11-21 20:33:22
Lloyd Gardner Everett, WA
You have a great site.  I 
must learn how to be so 
2003-11-21 08:57:43

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